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At LMH Architecture, we offer a broad range of planning and consulting services, from helping clients define their overall vision for a campus masterplan to providing technical expertise for specialized medical environments. Part of our data-driven approach includes compiling quantitative and qualitative information from space utilization studies and occupancy evaluations to ensure your project is optimized for maximum efficiency. We work closely with you to understand your project's specific requirements and ensure that all of your goals are achieved.



The organic or living strategic planning model understands that some markets are much too volatile to develop a long-term strategy. Because the short term solution has potential to become obsolete, this process uses a strategic plan that is revisited regularly and is repeatedly challenged in order to maintain its validity.


The issue-based strategic planning model identifies a specific set of problems facing and organization, and concentrates on various strategies to overcome and resolve the threat or issue. This model is identified as a "surgical strike" to quickly identify solutions that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.


The conventional strategic planning method is a "start from scratch" model that begins with the creation of a mission, vision, and values statement. This planning method is a very linear structured process that can be slighting more time consumting than others, but results in the most comprehensive outcome overall.


LMH Architecture customizes the strategic planning process and its implementation as a mixture of models to best suit you. Working with a team of professionals, each bringing data and ideas from their area of expertise, we exploit an open discussion and encourage collaboration with stakeholders to achieve the desired outcome. This foundation is far from a stopping point; LMH Architecture develops these plans into ‘living documents’ that will be revisited regularly to adapt to the quickly changing healthcare environment. We believe in numerous methods of designing, especially when it comes to strategic planning. LMH Architecture customizes each planning journey to reflect a mixture of these models to best suit our client. 

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