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Interior design is a powerful tool that, when used effectively, influences the experience of each individual who encounters your space. Our in-house interior design team works as an integral part of the architectural process to carry the user experience through each space and project atmosphere.

Our design services include:

·   Interior Design

·   Finish Specification

·   Finish Master Planning

·   Construction Documentation

·   Construction Administration

·   Furniture Design

·   Furniture Specification

·   Furniture, Artwork, and Signage Procurement

·   Existing Conditions Analysis

·   2D and 3D Graphics


The LMH interior design team will meet with all concerned stakeholders of a project to determine goals and overall vision for the space. We will also preliminarily discuss optimal schedules and budget as both play a significant role in any project. All necessary field work will be completed to ensure success of each project.


Once project parameters have been determined, our team will work to enthusiastically develop the design of each space. Not only will we consider the aesthetics, but also evaluate the function of the space and all the materials that will be applied. Our team can provide a variety of visual aids to give the client a comprehensive understanding of the design for final approval.


Upon approval, our dedicated interior design team will precisely specify and document every detail of the design, coordinating with all relevant partners to ensure desired outcomes are fully realized. Leveraging best in class industry relationships protects and insures the interests of each client.


While transitioning to implementation, our team stays connected to all parties and project stakeholders to ensure that your design is followed and the final product complies and exceeds all expectations.

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