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Interior design is a powerful tool that, when used effectively, influences the experience of each individual who encounters your space. Our in-house interior design team works as an integral part of the architectural process to carry the user experience through each space and project atmosphere. 



The LMH interior design team will meet with all concerned stakeholders of a project to determine goals and overall vision for the space. We will also preliminarily discuss optimal schedules and budget as both play a significant role in any project. All necessary field work will be completed to ensure success of each project.


Once project parameters have been determined, our team will work to enthusiastically develop the design of each space. Not only will we consider the aesthetics, but also evaluate the function of the space and all the materials that will be applied. Our team can provide a variety of visual aids to give the client a comprehensive understanding of the design for final approval.


While transitioning to implementation, our team stays connected to all parties and project stakeholders to ensure that your design is followed and the final product complies and exceeds all expectations.


Upon approval, our dedicated interior design team will precisely specify and document every detail of the design, coordinating with all relevant partners to ensure desired outcomes are fully realized. Leveraging best in class industry relationships protects and insures the interests of each client.


Our team at LMH Architecture believes that interior design is a powerful tool that effectively impacts the experience of individuals in any given space. We have a dedicated in-house interior design team that works seamlessly with our architects, from conceptualization to the final stages of every project to ensure a cohesive and impactful experience. We are proud to say that our intentional design approach attracts clients across various industries and has been recognized for its outstanding results.

Designer Comparing Samples



The visual aesthetic of a space should go hand-in-hand with the function of the materials within it. Our team will review your project parameters and research the best finish materials for your space in terms of style and longevity. Once the finishes are selected and approved, the finishes will be specified in a way to ensure that the materials that you expect are carried out.


We offer furniture design and specification services to put the finishing touches on each space. Our team will provide solutions for your space that are within your budget and improve the overall use of the space. Commercial furniture specifications are complex, but our team leads the charge through experience and knowledge. We advocate for you and simplify the process.


Ou​r team is equipped to master plan the interior finishes for a variety of different sectors. When we take this approach, we look at the interior design through the lens of a full-scale branding opportunity and implement it in a way that can be translated to numerous different facility types. By implementing standards, we are also able to strategically negotiate material pricing and track the availability of your standards, on your behalf.


Our team is able to quote and bid furniture, artwork, and signage for each project. We have developed tools to make your review of the final products and pricing easier. Once orders are placed, we track the status of each order to ensure that there are no delays. We will be present on install day to monitor each vendor and check the quality of the products that they install.


While the selection and specification of interior finishes is important, the construction documentation is what ensures that these materials are applied in the way they were designed to. Our team is committed to ironing out the details during documentation to reduce surprises during construction. We have quality control protocols in place to ensure that every detail is looked at and addressed.


Each project presents a unique set of parameters that we work with. Renovation projects typically require an analysis of what conditions currently exist, what will remain with the new design, and how we tie it all together for a cohesive look. Our team will inventory those conditions and plan for them from day one. We can also inventory and space plan existing furniture into your space to ensure the right fit if it is being transferred over.

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